Team Smith defeated Team Ramsey 42 points to 30 points.

Team Smith players were: Dylan Smith, Anthony Cheeks, Tim Partin, Todd Willoughby, Ryan Bennett, Todd Higdon, Jeff Goins, Chizel, Jordan Blanton, Alan Mullins, Larry Frost, Josh Barnes, Scott Holler, Bradley Johns, Kevin Maines, Everet McDowell, Scott Sears, and Carl Smith.

Congratulations to Dylan and his team.

First Place Gross: Carol Spencer*    180

First Place Net: Cindy VanHoose      130

*Women’s Club Champion

Championship Flight Gross

First Place: Larry Frost*               144

Second Place: Alan Mullins       167

Championship Flight Net

First Place: Dave Ramsey           145

Second Place: Butch Walton     149

Gold Flight Gross

First Place: Fred Bell                   169

Gold Flight Net

First Place: Norman Sinkhorn  124

*Senior Club Champion


12-14 Division, 9 Holes

First Place: Wyatt Holbrook           40

Second Place: Ashton Cochran       47

9-11 Division, 6 holes

First Place: Madison Easterling  29 playoff winner

Second Place: Rachael Turner        29

7-8 Division, 6 holes

First Place: Christopher Strickler   38

Second Place: Kendall Crump         40

Closest to Pin #6

Wyatt Holbrook

First Place: Amanda and Brice Ernest     66

Second Place: Angie and Dylan Smith    67

Third Place: Crystal and Scott Ducker    71

Closest to Pin # 6: Crystal Ducker

Closest to Pin # 8: Dylan Smith

Overall Winners: David Gilles and Chris Gilles

Valhalla Flight Winners: David Gilles and Chris Gilles

Augusta Flight Winners: Josh Barnes and Craig Ramsey

Pebble Beach Flight Winners: Ron Boehm and Mike Boehm

Torrey Pines Flight Winners: David Johnson and John Richardson

Pinehurst Flight Winners: Chris Johns and Chris Miles

Shinnecock Flight Winners: O’Dail Lawson and Charles Grote

Closest to the Pin Winners: #6 Vaughn Montgomery, #8 Nick Lysack, #11 Brad Cole, #14 Tony Wise


Ashton Cochran

Hole #6, July 5, 2018

Witnesses: David Apple and Ben Apple


Championship Flight-Blue Tees 

1st Place: Dylan Smith                              150

2nd Place: Charley Handel                      153

First Flight-White Tees

1st Place Gross: Dave Ramsey              154      1st Place Net: Jordan Blanton          140

2nd Place Gross: Brice Ernest              165      2nd Place Net: Kevin Maines           141

3rd Place Gross: David Adair               165      3rd Place Net: Todd Higdon             145

Second Flight-White Tees

1st Place Gross: Carl Smith                   173     1st Place Net: Chris Johns                  143

2nd Place Gross: James Winkler         174     2nd Place Net: Stuart Snyder            144

3rd Place Gross: Randy Kearns           176

Closest to the Pin

#6 Scott Ducker, #8 Mike Vineyard, #11 Scott Sears, #14 Josh Fryman

First Place: Crystal Ducker and Bonnie Frost        56

Second Place: Lili Riddle and Jo Ann Schmitt      64

Third Place: Sherri Webb and Janet Lanphierd   70

Closest to Pin: Jo Ann Schmitt

White Division

1st – Josh Fryman and Brice Ernest             67

2nd – Mike Boehm and Ron Boehm            68

3rd – Tony Boehm and Doug Brookshire   69

Gold Division

1st – Russ Spencer and Larry Frost             72

2nd – Bob Rosenburg and Bill Holland      79

Red Division

1st – Bob Riddle and Lili Riddle                   90

Closest to Pin #8 

Russ Spencer